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Payday Loans Near Me

Find Payday Loans Near You at GreenPlaceLoans

Payday loans are a fairly popular way to get quick cash in an emergency. They are typically used by people living paycheck-to-paycheck who don’t have a good credit rating or a lot of assets.

In some cases, this means someone just starting out who hasn’t yet established themselves. In other cases, it means someone starting over following a divorce or other significant life event.

Maybe they were downsized from a good job and found that there were no comparable jobs readily available. Maybe they had a lengthy and expensive health event.

payday loans near me

Advantages Of A Payday Loan Near You

Unlike pawn shops or title loans, you don’t have to put up any collateral. For people who have little to no collateral, this detail can be critically important.

A title loan can potentially lose you your vehicle. If your car is repossessed, how are you going to get to work now? Does this start the process of your life unraveling?

Unlike most other loans, there is no credit check for a payday loan. This can help protect your credit rating.

They also involve relatively little paperwork and are issued quickly, usually the same day in person or within 24 hours online. All of these little details help make them a convenient source of quick cash in an emergency.

Payday Loans Near Me

In spite of all those details, it is only convenient if you can access it quickly and easily. For some people, this winds up being a sticking point.

What if there are no payday loan places near me? Or what if the ones near me are a problem for me to access for various reasons?

Payday Loan Places

One option for getting a payday loan is to go in person to a physical location that provides such loans. But there are some potential problems with doing so.


It’s common for payday loan places to be in sketchy neighborhoods with low rents. However, in an era where we have phrases like “The 99 Percent” and more extreme income inequality than The Gilded Age, not everyone who needs quick cash lives in a sketchy neighborhood.

Maybe you still live with your parents, but you work retail while paying down your high student loans. Mom and dad don’t have any cash to spare and everyone in the family is trying to hang on to what is left of a once comfortable lifestyle.

You don’t want to ask mom and dad for the money. So you decide to get a payday loan.

Do you really want to be seen in a sketchy part of town? Or do you want your parents to infer that you went there for a payday loan? Maybe you want to risk the possibility they will assume worse things about what you were up to in that neighborhood, do you?


Even if you don’t really care about stigma per se, do you want everyone knowing your personal business? Most payday loan places exist for one purpose: To lend money. You probably won’t be able to pretend you were there for some other purpose.

If you are going through a divorce, do you want your future ex to know you are borrowing money? Do you want your Good Time Charlie friends to suddenly decide drinks are on you?

There can be myriad of undesirable consequences from other people knowing your financial business. Being seen going into or coming out of a payday loan place can be an event that triggers any number of such issues.


If you live in a nicer part of town and never spend time in the low rent district, are you safe going there? Or will your style of dress and general demeanor signal to locals that you are an easy target for crime?

Often, payday loans issued in person are issued in the form of cash. The minimum loan amount is typically $100 and it goes up from there.

Do you want to be walking around a sketchy neighborhood with a lot of cash money on you? Especially when you need that cash to cover a personal emergency?


Even if you are perfectly safe, do you need to be worried about things like that at a time when you are already having some kind of crisis? Aren’t you already stressed enough without wondering if you might get mugged?

If you weren’t having a crisis, you wouldn’t be looking for quick cash. Do you really want to engage in a process that will just add to your stress levels if you don’t actually have to do so?

Time, Money And Effort Involved In Getting There

Or maybe you live without a car. This is something of a trend for some demographics.

If you have to take a car service or public transit, is it really that convenient? Even if you don’t care about the time and effort and involved, how much does paying for transportation to and from the place add to your loan costs?

Ask yourself this: How are you going to find one of these physical payday loan places? Most likely, you are going to go online and do a search for it.

But, if you are online anyway doing a search, why not just search for payday loans near me online? Isn’t the computing device you are using right now the single most convenient means to access just about anything in your life?

Isn’t it the physically nearest payday loan option available?

Online Payday Loans near You

Online payday loans avoid a lot of the problems that may make one hesitate to get such a loan. Here are some of the benefits of finding a payday loan online:

  • There is no need to go to a sketchy neighborhood.
  • You don’t have to travel at all and you can do it from the comfort of home.
  • Also, you can apply any time of the day or night.
  • It’s totally private and no one needs to have any idea you did it at all.
  • If you want a payday loan near me, it is the nearest loan available. Applying may be literally in the palm of your hand right now.

Direct Loan Providers Versus Portals

There are payday loan providers that have their own website where you can apply directly with them. But it can be hard to find legitimate, trusted lenders and it limits your selection.

In contrast, using a portal or matching service allows you to apply to multiple lenders with one application. It streamlines the process while adding more choice to your life.

It also means you only need to vet one company. Although there are untrustworthy organizations in this space who are doing things like data mining and reselling your information, there are also trustworthy sites.

If you can find an above-board portal, it will do the vetting for you of various lenders. If you can trust the service, you can trust the lenders with which it works.


Trust is a big issue for any kind of financial transaction. This goes double on the internet, in part because the signals for what is questionable are different from the ones with which we are already familiar. This leaves many people more vulnerable on the internet than they would be in a face-to-face transaction.

There are ways to check out an online business. Here are a few:

  • Does it have a respectable domain name?
  • Can you find contact information, like an address or phone number?
  • Is it using secure data protocols, such as https instead of HTTP in the URL?

Once you find a portal you can trust, you can establish a relationship with them and be a repeat customer. As your financial details and financial needs change, you will continue to have the means to get the kind of financial products that make sense for where you are in life.

Do Your Due Diligence

You are a grown up and you wouldn’t be considering a payday loan if you weren’t. Also, you have to be a legal adult to apply for a loan.

So act like a grown up and do your due diligence before taking out a loan. It’s the best way to take responsibility for your financial life.

That’s far better than waiting for things to go sideways and then looking for someone or something to blame. You still will have to live with the consequences, even if you can find someone to pin the blame on.

Yes, there are predatory lenders out there. Yes, payday loans charge a high-interest rate for the convenience and other benefits they offer.

But ultimately it is on you to make sure this loan makes sense. Here are some tips:

  • Make sure you know how much money you really need and don’t borrow any more than you actually need.
  • Read every word of the contract before you sign it, even if you are reborrowing.
  • Crunch some numbers and do some long term planning.
  • Make sure you understand where this loan fits in the big picture of your life.

You will hear a lot of trash talk about various kinds of loan products. Obviously, paying less interest is better than paying more interest, all other things being equal.

But all other things are usually not equal. Good decisions are context-sensitive. They make sense in this time and this place for these reasons.

There is no one-size-fits-all good loan or a bad loan. A good loan helps you create a better future. A bad loan doesn’t.

You don’t need to justify that to anyone. It is your life. It only needs to make sense to you.

So take responsibility for being financially literate. If you aren’t sure about the decision, use a trusted friend or acquaintance as a sounding board or even just do some searching online and reading up.

Getting Started

The process for getting a payday loan is relatively streamlined compared to many other loan processes. Nonetheless, you still will need to have some essential documents.

In most cases, this means a valid photo ID, proof of income and your bank account information. You may be able to screenshot an online bank statement to both prove your income and provide banking information.

For your own edification, you should already have some idea of how much money you can access and how much you really need. Don’t let anyone sweet talk you into borrowing more than you need.

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