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Online Same Day Payday Loan at GreenPlaceLoans

It’s Friday night or maybe Saturday morning and you’ve just gotten some bad news. Bad news usually costs money. That’s usually part of the bad news.

Maybe the car broke down and needs to be repaired so you can get to work on Monday. Or maybe you got hurt and had to go to a walk-in clinic for a few stitches.

Such situations tend to require cash up front. They want their money now, not later. You aren’t in any position to negotiate. You need this handled so you can get on with life.

Now you have a short-term financial shortfall to deal with as a consequence of addressing your minor personal emergency. What now?

For some people, a same day payday loan will be the best answer for the occasional minor financial emergency. Here are some of the reasons why:

same day payday loans

Same Day Loan Can Protect Your Credit Rating

There are two types of credit checks: Hard checks and soft checks. Generally speaking, a soft check will not negatively impact your credit score, but a hard check can negatively impact your score.

Frequent hard credit checks make you look like a bad risk. For this reason, they drive down your credit rating. This can drive up the amount that loans will cost you and make it harder for you to get a loan at all.

So if you hope to buy a car or a house within the next two years, you really don’t want to ding your credit score with a slew of hard credit checks. It can cost you big time, either making the loan more expensive or disqualifying you altogether.

This can be an excellent reason to choose a payday loan over other loan products, such as applying for a new credit card. It can help protect your financial reputation while allowing you to deal effectively with a short-term minor emergency.

But that isn’t the only way it protects your credit. If you take out a credit card, the limit on your credit card can negatively impact how much the bank will let you borrow for other purposes, such as a car loan or mortgage.

So if you are hoping to finance a new car or buy a house within the next two years, applying for a credit card may actually undermine that long term goal. A payday loan won’t have the same impact on your future purchasing power.

Same Day Loans – No Collateral Required

Payday loans do not require collateral. In other words, they don’t require you to put any existing assets at risk to secure the loan.

Examples of loans requiring collateral include car loans, mortgages, pawn shops, and title loans. If you are considering a payday loan, you might also consider going to a pawn shop or getting a title loan.

In order to go to get money from a pawn shop, you need some sort of small but valuable item to secure the loan. This may include expensive jewelry or home electronics.

Even if you can afford to be without your laptop, do you really want to pawn it? Pawning a laptop is a potential information security risk. It potentially puts your data in the hands of the pawn shop owner or anyone who buys the laptop should you default on the loan.

Sure, you can wipe the laptop as a way to protect your information security. Wow, imagine what a time-consuming pain that would be to wipe it, pawn it, get it back and then restore all the wiped data.

That process could take hours or even days. It might not even be effective. If you aren’t extremely computer savvy, you may have cost yourself a great deal of time, effort and hassle without actually protecting anything.

Plus, pawn shops give you a fraction of the value of the item. If you feel you can afford to walk away from some item, such as expensive jewelry, it probably makes more sense to sell it rather than pawn it. You will get more money out of it.

A title loan means borrowing money against the value of your car or another vehicle. It allows you to keep driving yourself to work, assuming you make the payments on time and assuming it’s not a shady deal looking to take the car on a technicality.

But it’s probably for a larger sum of money than most payday loans and it potentially puts your transportation at risk. If you need a relatively small sum of between $100 and $1500, you probably are better off taking a payday loan rather than a title loan.

Same Day Loans Available Even If You Have A Poor Credit Score

As noted above, a payday loan doesn’t involve a hard credit check. They aren’t very interested in your credit score.

Also, they want to know how much you will get for your next paycheck. They want to know if it will be enough to cover the amount borrowed.

That’s the primary criteria for a payday loan. They are interested in your ability to repay a short-term loan. That ability is largely defined by the size and date of your next paycheck.

They will typically hold a post-dated check for the full amount of the loan. In some cases, they don’t really want to cash that check. I

If you go to a physical payday loan place, they may prefer that you return in person with cash. The primary reason is it gets them their money faster than processing a check.

A same day payday loan can be a useful tool for anyone who doesn’t have a great credit rating. This can be because you are a young person just starting out who simply hasn’t had the time and opportunity to establish a credit record. Or it can be because you are an older person recovering from financial drama, such a health event or divorce.

One Time Flat Fee

The thing you hear about payday loans is that they charge very high-interest rates. This is not untrue. If you calculate it as an annual percentage rate, it can be the equivalent of 300 to 500 percent APR.

But it’s usually a flat fee. If you borrow $100, the fee might be $18. If you have to pay it back in just a few days, that’s a very high percentage for the amount of time involved.

But it’s probably going to be the same $18 per $100 loan even if your loan term if three or four weeks. This brings the percentage rate down substantially because it is calculated over a longer period of time.

The big thing is that when you pay back the loan plus interest, you are done. Unless you get into a reborrowing habit, it’s done and over. Problem solved.

In contrast, having a credit card can mean you get charged an annual fee even if you never use it, just for the privilege of having it available. It can also be extremely easy to get into the habit of carrying a balance.

People decry the practice of reborrowing payday loans, but carrying a credit card balance is essentially the same thing. It sounds more respectable middle class, but it actually can be far worse than a payday loan habit.

If you only make the minimum payment, it can literally take decades to pay off a credit card. Meanwhile, you keep accruing interest charges and possibly annual fees, late fees and other special fees.

If long-term financial planning isn’t one of your strengths, a payday loan is a product that gets resolved fairly quickly. Then you are done with it. You don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Many sources say that the high-interest rate charged for payday loans is because they are high-risk loans. Statistics show that they aren’t really defaulted on at a terribly high rate.

It makes more sense to think of the high rate as a cost for the convenience and benefits involved. Those include:

  • You won’t get your credit score dinged with a hard check.
  • The interest rate actually varies a lot because it is usually charged as a flat fee.
  • It’s a simple contract with a simple loan structure.

Potentially Available Before Your Bank Opens

Is your bank open on Sunday? Most are not.

Is your bank open on Saturday? Some are not.

Physical payday loan stores are sometimes open on Saturday. The internet is open 24/7. It never closes.

If you apply for a payday loan online, you may be able to get the funds deposited to your bank account within 24 hours. This can mean that all or some of the funds are available right away, even if your bank is not open.

You can probably check your bank balance online or by phone. A direct deposit of funds can be available within minutes, even over the weekend or potentially on a banking holiday.

This can be a game-changer. This can put money in your hands exactly when you need it, thereby preventing a small crisis from escalating into a more serious problem.

Same Day Online Payday Loans

In addition to potentially getting your funds before your bank even reopens, online payday loans can offer a lot of other advantages over going in-person to a physical location. Here are a few additional advantages:

  • Privacy.
  • Safety.
  • Convenience.


You can apply from the privacy of home. No one has to have any idea you borrowed money.

If you go in-person to a payday loan place, you could be seen going there. This could tip people off that you took out a payday loan.

It’s no one’s business if you need to borrow a few bucks. If you don’t want nosy neighbors asking invasive questions, just apply online. They won’t have any way to know.


Physical payday loan places can be located in unsafe neighborhoods with high crime rates. They also frequently issue cash.

This can be a scary and even dangerous combination. It can be completely avoided by applying for a loan online and getting the funds directly deposited to your bank account the same day.


You can apply from just about anywhere, whether it is your laptop sitting on the couch or your smartphone during your break at work. You can apply just about any time, day or night.

It doesn’t involve any travel time. You can do it with kids and pets underfoot. You can do while watching over an elderly relative or under other circumstances that keep you tied down.

When you choose to apply online for a same day payday loan, obstacles that could have made it impossible to arrange a loan at all become minor details. You can even interrupt the process to tend to things or deal with people around you, then resume what you were doing.

Get The Right Deal For You

The other big thing is that when you apply online, you can apply through a matching service instead of with an individual lender. This means you fill out one application and get looked at by multiple lenders, each potentially offering different loan products.

This increases the odds of finding the right loan product for your needs. It basically creates a list of different products that may fit your situation and lenders contact you if they think it is a good fit. Then you decide if you want to take the deal.

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It only takes a short time. If you get matched to a loan, you may be able to get the money direct deposited to your bank account today, giving you immediate access to the funds.